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WMF Silverware

Ever since Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik – more widely known by its abbreviated name, WMF- was established in Germany during 1880, their top quality silverware has been sought after throughout the world. Today, WMF still continues the proud tradition of manufacturing fine silver plated products according to their own unique, enduring plating process. Initially, plating was applied using a fusion process, which they later changed in favour of precision electro plating, which may be identified by their “EP” mark. It’s interesting to note that by 1892, WMF began paying particular attention to surface edges on cutlery, which were exposed to more than average wear. These areas were treated with 50% thicker, (yet completely indiscernible) additional silver plating, ensuring that pieces retained their original pristine appearance throughout many, many years of use.
Image (right) 1903-1910 WMF Punch ladle with bright finish, silver plating mark "1/10 inside cartouche and ostrich with round tail

WMF Art Nouveau Pieces at Ridges Antiques

At present, (June 2015), two particularly fine Art Nouveau pieces, both perfectly displaying WMF’s distinctive craftsmanship, are amongst items from this factory on offer at Ridges Antiques. According to the manufacturer’s serif font marks, each surrounded by a cartouche, it is estimated that both items are of the period 1895 – 1902.


The WMF Art Nouveau decanter’s tall, elegant green glass body is offset beautifully by the decorative Art Nouveau silver base, top and attached stopper which encase it. A graceful handle is beautifully formed, shaped to provide aesthetic balance and function to this exquisite piece. WMF developed its own unique process by which silver was given an antique finish, transforming the metal to a dark grey/black colour, the ideal partner to best display the nuances of attached glassware. This finish is designated with the mark “as”, and should never be polished. To do so would destroy its value and original characteristics.
Image (right) WMF Art Nouveau silver plated claret jug incorporating green glass with antique silver finish( 1895-1902) , increasing collectors demand


Nothing graces a dinner table with elegant distinction as does a beautifully designed centrepiece; few antique centrepieces compare with those produced by WMF. The fine centrepiece, which Ridges Antiques is proud to offer, depicts a pair of embracing figures in typical flowing Art Nouveau style, emphasised by the brightly gilded finish, as confirmed by the manufacturer’s mark “g”. It’s a rare and precious find, particularly since the glass insert is totally original and in mint condition. As with most antiques, there’s only one of each item, which you really don’t want to miss, not if you love antique WMF Silverware.
Image (right) Unique bright silver centrepiece , complete with original glass insert in pristine condition - very rare find

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